Restaurant Sempia

Our philosophy

Hospitality and customer orientation as an attitude to life.

Creativity, innovation and customer orientation: On the basis of these characteristics, we want to reposition ourselves as one of the leading seminar hotels in Switzerland every day. The satisfaction and well-being of our guests are our highest priorities, and committed and positive employees are our most important capital. You will hardly ever hear us say “This is unfortunately not possible”. Rather, more often: “Yes, of course!”

We make every effort to make it possible for our guests to attend seminars, restaurants and events that leave lasting memories. At the same time, we are aware that we can still improve. That is why we are always open to new trends and ideas – and also to criticism that motivates us to become even better.

  • Hotel Sempachersee is the epitome of a creative, innovative company specialising in seminars, conferences and events. Our seminar, hotel and catering services meet the highest standards. Our actions mean that we are regarded as a trendsetter in the industry. We offer our customers rooms and furnishings for versatile development and design options. A stay at the Hotel Sempachersee is an extraordinary experience, providing lasting memories.

  • When we do something, we do it innovatively, fervently, naturally, energetically and with enthusiasm. Our actions are guided by the “Yes, of course” philosophy.

  • We are the leading seminar hotel in Switzerland, which is economically successful and independent. We give our guests the opportunity to experience a seminar stay of a very special kind, which leaves lasting and instructive impressions. In our performance, we convey “joie de vivre” for our guests as well as for our employees.

  • We have an ISO-certified quality system to ensure that our services and products comply with high quality standards and meet with the full satisfaction of our guests. For the Hotel Sempachersee, quality management signifies that all members of staff endeavour to enhance our services by putting their experience and observations to good use in order to come up with new ideas and suggestions for improvement. This requires solution-oriented thinking and the willingness of each individual to expand their knowledge and put their skills into practice.