Taking responsibility for the future

The 3 pillars of sustainability:

We want to leave our children & grandchildren an intact ecological, social and economic fabric.

The Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee puts sustainability into practice every day.

    • Hotel laundry: We work with biodegradable detergent, the washing products for the machines in the laundry are automatically adjusted. At the request of our guests, the linen can be changed with a minimum of waste.

    • Lake water cooling: In Switzerland, more and more buildings need to be cooled due to warmer temperatures. Lake water is increasingly used for this purpose. In summer, the use of lake water saves almost 100 percent of the CO2 that the Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee would produce with a conventional system.

    • Electric charging station: Go green with Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee. We offer the possibility of charging electric or hybrid plug-in vehicles with the electric charging stations. In this area, too, we are consciously taking responsibility and making a contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Switzerland.


    • Own herb garden: In the Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee kitchen, we cook with our own homegrown herbs. This means we save on transport energy and enjoy organic food.

    • Regional products: In the spirit of "Why go far, when good things are so close?" this brings a smile to our faces, as we know our suppliers personally, where our high-quality products are purchased from.

    • From print to digital: In marketing in particular, we are evolving with the time, as is the case with all our internal communication. We consciously choose the digital way of communicating and thus save costs on the one hand, as well as avoid the exploitation of natural resources on the other.

    • TIPP: Trough a daily instruction programme, each team at the Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee is trained to increase the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of each individual team member and, in turn, to promote the intrinsic motivation of everyone and thus contribute to the personal mental wellbeing of each colleague.

    • Employee engagement: The approach of consciously choosing to treat co-workers with respect and including them in the work processes, generates daily appreciation on one hand, enabling to identify and promote talents in this way on the other hand.

    • Employability of older employees: Different life experiences, styles and perspectives also provide opportunities for the whole company. These differences can lead to strength and innovation if they are consciously lived. For this reason, it is important for the Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee to recognise and value the strengths and contribution of each and every individual.