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Lake Sempach: a paradise for water sports and relax


Lake Sempach, a jewel in Switzerland's picturesque landscape, is a true paradise for lovers of water sports and nature enthusiasts. Surrounded by rolling hills and idyllic villages, the lake provides a stunning backdrop for a variety of activities - from relaxing days on the beach to exciting water sports adventures. In the heart of this natural beauty lies the Hotel Sempachersee, a place that not only impresses with its exclusive location, but also with an extensive range of services and activities that will make your stay unforgettable.

As the ideal base for exploring Lake Sempach, Hotel Sempachersee combines elegance with functionality to meet the needs of both leisure and business travelers. Whether you are planning a relaxing vacation, want to be active in nature or are looking for an exclusive location for your next business event, Hotel Sempachersee is the perfect choice.


Water sports on Lake Sempach

Sailing and boating

Lake Sempach, nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Central Switzerland, is a true paradise for sailing and boating enthusiasts. With its calm, crystal-clear surface, the lake offers ideal conditions for sailors of all experience levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, exploring the beauty of Lake Sempach from the water is an unforgettable experience.

For those who would like to learn to sail, there are several sailing schools nearby that offer courses and guided tours. These range from beginners' courses to advanced training, with the emphasis on safety and fun. Experienced sailors can enjoy the freedom of exploring the open waters in their own or rented boats.

Motorboat trips are also popular on Lake Sempach. They offer a fast and exciting way to explore the lake. Many local providers hire out motorboats, even without a license, offering an accessible option for all visitors.

The Hotel Sempachersee supports water sports enthusiasts through partnerships with local providers. Hotel guests can benefit from special packages that include the hire of sailing or motor boats as well as courses and guided tours. This makes it easy and convenient to start a water adventure directly from the hotel.

After a day on the water, the Hotel Sempachersee offers the perfect setting to relax. Guests can relax in the comfortable rooms or visit the hotel's own restaurants and bars to enjoy the culinary delights of the region.

Swimming and sunbathing

Swimming and sunbathing on Lake Sempach are popular activities that attract visitors from all over the region and beyond. Lake Sempach, known for its idyllic location and excellent water quality, offers several attractive beaches and lakeside resorts that are perfect for a relaxing day by the water.

The Seebad Sempach is a highlight at the upper end of the lake. It has a gently sloping, long sandy beach that is ideal for families and sun worshippers. In addition to a water playground with a sun sail and a children's playground, the lido also offers a barbecue area, a sunbathing lawn with shade, table tennis and basketball facilities and a beach volleyball court. Pedalos and stand-up paddle boards are also available for hire, and there is a self-service restaurant for catering.

Another enchanting lakeside resort is the Strandbad Sursee. It is known for its versatility and size, which makes it a favorite for families and sports enthusiasts. The lido offers an attractive toddler play area as well as a diving tower, which is particularly popular within teenagers.

The region around Lake Sempach is home to a total of five beach and lake resorts spread around the lake. Each of these baths has its own charm and offers various amenities such as catering facilities and some even have barbecue areas. They usually open in May and remain open until September.

The Hotel Sempachersee offers its guests a cozy retreat after a refreshing day of swimming in the lake. The hotel's own restaurants and bars are the ideal place to round off the day with a delicious dinner and a picturesque view of the sun setting over Lake Sempach.

Sempachersee Sursee
Sempachersee Sursee

Hiking and nature experiences

Hiking trails and nature reserves

Hiking around Lake Sempach is an excellent way to experience the breathtaking nature of the Swiss countryside. The region offers a diverse network of hiking trails and exciting adventure paths that are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The Rundweg Sempachersee is a particularly popular route that rewards hikers with picturesque views of the lake and the surrounding Alps. This 23.4 km hike leads along the lakeshore and through the charming towns of Sempach and Sursee. Along the way, hikers can marvel at some of the oldest churches in the canton of Lucerne as well as the Wakker Prize-winning towns of Sempach and Sursee with their numerous sights and museums.

Another highlight is the Römerweg, which runs above the lake and offers impressive views of Lake Sempach and the Alps. This route is also suitable for families as it is well signposted and easy to follow. The hike along the Römerweg can be combined with a visit to the Caribbean Village in Nottwil for a cool drink or a short break to relax.

For the Hotel Sempachersee, these hiking routes offer the perfect complement to a stay. Guests can return to the hotel's comfortable and quiet rooms after an eventful day of hiking and relax in the hotel's wellness area. The hotel can also provide packed lunches and information on the best hiking routes to enhance the hiking experience for its guests.

Cycling around Lake Sempach

Cycling around Lake Sempach is an idyllic experience suitable for both experienced cyclists and families. The region offers several picturesque cycle paths that lead through the beautiful landscape of Central Switzerland.

One popular route is the Grand Prix: Around Lake Sempach. This medium-difficulty, 31.6 km tour leads once around the lake, past picturesque old towns, quiet lakeside paths and offers a breathtaking Alpine panorama. The route begins and ends in Sursee and leads through the Caribbean Village, up to the village of Nottwil and along the hillside towards Neuenkirch.

Families can enjoy an exciting bike tour around Lake Sempach. This route is particularly attractive as it leads through nature reserves and offers opportunities for swimming, playing and barbecuing. A highlight is the Sempach lido with a large water playground and a self-service restaurant, which is perfect for a lunch stop.

The Hotel Sempachersee can provide its guests with bicycles or help organize bike tours. After a day on the bike, the hotel offers comfortable accommodation where you can relax and enjoy the hotel's culinary delights.


Relaxation and wellness

Wellness and relaxation on Lake Sempach

The region around Lake Sempach is an ideal place for wellness and relaxation. The picturesque surroundings of the lake provide a natural backdrop for rest and relaxation. Wellness enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities here to relax body and mind and recharge the batteries.

One of the highlights for wellness and relaxation is the range of spa and wellness facilities in the region. Many of the local facilities offer a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, aromatherapy and more. These treatments are often performed using natural and local products that reflect the unique nature of Switzerland.

For those who prefer to relax in nature, Lake Sempach itself offers numerous opportunities. A walk along the shore, a quiet day of sunbathing or a relaxing dip in the clear waters of the lake can do wonders for your recuperation.

Yoga and meditation classes, often in picturesque outdoor areas or with a view of the lake, offer another level of relaxation and well-being. These courses are designed to bring body and mind into harmony and offer a break from the stresses of everyday's life.

The culinary offerings in the region also contribute to the wellness experience. Many restaurants and cafés offer healthy and nutritious dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. A balanced meal in one of the many cozy lakeside restaurants can be the perfect complement to a day of relaxation.

Finally, Lake Sempach, with its tranquil and natural surroundings, offers the ideal setting for a break from everyday life. Whether you are looking to relax in a spa, unwind in nature or take part in a yoga session, the region offers something for everyone.


Culinary experiences on Lake Sempach

The region around Lake Sempach offers a rich palette of culinary experiences that highlight local cuisine and the natural beauty of Switzerland. The culinary scene in the region is characterized by its diversity and quality, with a particular focus on local and sustainable ingredients.

Culinary wine hike

One of the highlights in the region is the culinary wine hike. This event combines the beauty of the landscape with the enjoyment of local wines and food. Participants can sample regional delicacies and fine wines from Lake Sempach at various stations along the hike. The hike offers a unique opportunity to experience the local wine and food culture in a relaxed and picturesque setting.

Restaurant Sempia - A culinary highlight

The Restaurant Sempia at the Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee offers an excellent selection of dishes, including local specialties such as pulled tartine burgers, fish straight from Lake Sempach and fresh vegetables from local suppliers. The restaurant is known for its combination of refined cuisine and inviting ambience, making it a must for any gourmet.

World of Cheese & Wine

Ein weiteres bemerkenswertes Angebot ist die Genusswelt Käse & Wein. Hier können Besucher in die Welt der Käse- und Weinherstellung eintauchen. Die Tour führt in die Sandsteinhöhle von Kaltbach, wo Besucher mehr über die Höhlenreifung von Käse erfahren. Anschließend besucht man lokale Winzer, um den Prozess der Weinherstellung zu erkunden und natürlich die Produkte zu verkosten​​.

Local products and sustainability

The culinary scene on Lake Sempach attaches great importance to sustainability and the use of local products. Restaurants such as the vegan restaurant Mairübe in Lucerne use organically grown vegetables and follow a "root to leaf" philosophy, where everything is processed from root to leaf wherever possible.

Variety of restaurants

The region offers an impressive selection of gourmet restaurants that present both local and international cuisine at the highest level. From traditional dishes to modern creations, Lucerne offers a culinary journey that will delight the senses.

The culinary experiences on Lake Sempach therefore not only offer excellent dishes, but also unique experiences that highlight the special features of the region. Whether on a wine hike, a gourmet meal at Sempia or a visit to the World of Cheese & Wine, the region offers a variety to delight every palate.

Sempachersee Restaurants
Sempia at Sempachersee

Our seminar hotel on Lake Sempach

The Hotel Sempachersee is a renowned destination for business events and seminars and offers a perfect combination of professional facilities and inspiring surroundings.

Diverse premises

The hotel has 45 modern seminar rooms that can meet all requirements for business events, from discreet board meetings to large events with up to 2,000 people. There are 41 seminar rooms, two auditoriums and two auditoriums, all equipped with the latest seminar and event infrastructure. There are also two outdoor seminar platforms for outdoor events.

Equipment and service

Each room is equipped with a projector, screen, flipchart & whiteboard, pinboard, telephone, free Wi-Fi and a presentation case. The hotel also offers special locations for meetings, such as a tree house, which can be used for creative sessions and brainstorming. The rooms can be set up and arranged differently depending on the needs and requirements of the event.

Gastronomy and supporting program

Two stylish restaurants and individual catering options are available to cater for guests. The hotel regularly organizes its own activities such as concerts, wine & dines and fondue evenings. These complement the range of hotel rooms and sports infrastructure to provide a comprehensive experience for successful business events and seminars.

Sustainable commitment

The Hotel Sempachersee attaches great importance to ecological sustainability. It uses biodegradable cleaning agents, offers economical linen changes on request and uses lake water to cool the building. The hotel's own herb garden and the use of regional products save on transportation and contribute to sustainability.

The Hotel Sempachersee is therefore more than just a seminar venue. It is a place where professionalism, relaxation and sustainability can be experienced in harmonious unity, ideal for any business meeting or seminar.

Junior Suite am Sempachersee
Junior Suite of the Hotel Sempachersee

Summary: Diversity on Lake Sempach

The picturesque Lake Sempach in Switzerland is a true paradise for those seeking relaxation and business travelers. Its water sports facilities, from sailing to swimming, attract visitors from all directions. Thanks to the support of the Hotel Sempachersee in organizing these activities, your stay will be particularly eventful.

Hiking and cycling trails around the lake invite nature lovers to explore. They offer unforgettable views and the opportunity to enjoy the unique landscape. Guests can relax and unwind in the local spa and wellness facilities, which offer a welcome change.

The region also has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine. The culinary wine hike and top restaurants such as Sempia in the hotel itself pamper visitors' palates. The Hotel Sempachersee is a top address for business travelers. It offers a variety of rooms and services for successful seminars and business events.

In summary, Lake Sempach and the Hotel Sempachersee are an outstanding destination. It combines relaxation, nature, culinary delights and professional event facilities, ideal for various visitor groups.

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