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Vitaparcours on Lake Sempach: active recovery and more

Vitaparcours Sempachersee SG

The Vitaparcours, a concept that originated in Switzerland, is a unique combination of fitness and nature experience. Originally developed in the 1960s, the Vitaparcours has become a widespread and popular outdoor fitness activity that can be found in many parts of Switzerland and other countries.

The first Vitaparcour was opened in Zurich-Fluntern in 1968, initiated by the Wollishofen men's gymnastics team and supported by Vita Insurance (now Zurich Insurance). Originally intended as a training facility for athletes, the course quickly became popular with the general public. This concept captured the spirit of the times, especially in an era in which the importance of fitness and health was increasingly coming to the focus.

To this day, the number of Vitaparcours has increased to almost 500 throughout Switzerland. The concept has also been adapted in other countries, known as Trimm-dich-Pfade in Germany.

A typical Vitaparcours consists of a series of stations in natural surroundings, usually in forests or parks. Each station offers different exercises aimed at improving different aspects of physical fitness - strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. The stations are equipped with instruction boards that show how to perform the exercises correctly.

The trails are designed to be suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. They offer a free, accessible and effective way to get fit while enjoying the fresh air and beauty of nature.

In the scenery of Lake Sempach, the Vitaparcours perfectly embodies this philosophy by creating a harmonious combination of nature, community and health.


The Vitaparcours on Lake Sempach: an oasis for active people

The Vitaparcours at the Lake Sempach, in particular the course by the romantic Steinibühlweiher pond, is a gem for anyone who wants to combine fitness and nature. Over a distance of 2.3 kilometers, with a moderate difference in altitude of 20 meters, the course offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and sporting challenge. Equipped with 15 stations, it provides a full-body workout that promotes strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

The variety of stations and the picturesque surroundings make the Vitaparcour a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Whether for a morning workout, a family-friendly activity or a relaxing evening round - the course offers something for everyone.

In addition to the Vitaparcours in Steinibühl, there are other alternatives for outdoor activities nearby. These include


These diverse opportunities for outdoor activities underline the attractiveness of the region around Lake Sempach as a destination for active and nature-loving visitors. The Hotel Sempachersee offers the ideal starting point to enjoy these activities and then relax in comfortable and inviting surroundings.


Hiking around Lake Sempach

The region around Lake Sempach is a paradise for hikers. With a multitude of hiking trails leading through breathtaking landscapes, the area offers something for every taste and fitness level. From leisurely strolls along the lakeshore to more challenging hikes through the surrounding hills - the options are as varied as nature itself.

Some of the most popular hiking routes in the area include:

  1. Seeweg Sempachersee: This easy trail circles the whole of Lake Sempach and is ideal for a relaxing day trip. The route offers wonderful views of the lake and the surrounding mountains and is lined with picturesque rest areas and birdwatching spots.
  2. Historic hiking trail Sempach: This trail leads through the historic town of Sempach and its surroundings. It offers not only natural beauty, but also an insight into the rich history of the region.
  3. Hike to Chestenechopf: For those looking for a challenge, this route offers a more demanding hike with breathtaking panoramic views over Lake Sempach and the Alps.


In addition to these hiking routes, there are numerous other paths and trails that lead through the diverse landscape of Central Switzerland. Each trail offers its own unique attractions, from idyllic forest paths to breathtaking viewpoints.

For hiking enthusiasts staying at Hotel Sempachersee, the adventure starts right on the doorstep. With an abundance of hiking trails in the immediate vicinity, the hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring the natural beauty of the region by foot.

Hiking Lake Sempach
Hiking Lake Sempach

Natural beauty on Lake Sempach: pure relaxation

Lake Sempach, nested in the picturesque landscape of Central Switzerland, is a true natural paradise. The unspoiled nature around the lake offers a breathtaking setting for those seeking relaxation and nature lovers. From the gentle waves of the lake to the lush green forests and fields, the region is the perfect place to escape the stresses of everyday life and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature.

Some of the highlights of the natural beauty of Lake Sempach are:

  1. Sempach Bird Observatory: This station is a must for birdwatchers and nature lovers. It offers the opportunity to observe the local birdlife in its natural habitat and learn more about Switzerland's bird species.
  2. Nature reserves: The nature reserves around Lake Sempach are home to many plant and animal species. They offer wonderful hiking opportunities and the chance to explore the local flora and fauna.
  3. Steinibühlweiher: This picturesque pond is an ideal place for walks and picnics. It offers a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty and is a popular spot for families and couples.


Hotel Sempachersee's proximity to these natural wonders makes it the perfect base for guests wishing to explore the natural beauty of the region. Whether you choose to take a relaxing stroll, observe the local wildlife or simply enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, Lake Sempach has something for everyone.

Vogelwarte Sempach Sempachersee
Sempach Ornithological Institute

Excursion destinations in Central Switzerland: discoveries away from the Vitaparcours

Central Switzerland, with Lake Sempach as one of its jewels, offers a wealth of excursion destinations that are both culturally and scenically inspiring. Away from the Vitaparcours, there are numerous opportunities to discover the region and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Here are some recommended destinations:

  1. City of Lucerne: Just a short drive from Lake Sempach, the city of Lucerne is a must for every visitor. Known for its historic old town, the Chapel Bridge and the Museum of Transport, Lucerne offers a perfect blend of history, culture and modern flair.
  2. Pilatus and Rigi: These two mountains offer spectacular views and are ideal for hiking tours. The mountain railroads make the ascent easier and offer a unique panoramic ride.
  3. Swiss Ornithological Institute in Sempach: A visit to the ornithological institute offers insights into the world of birds and is particularly interesting for families with children.
  4. Cultural and leisure activities in Sursee: The nearby town of Sursee offers a range of cultural and leisure activities, including theaters, museums and charming cafés.


These destinations offer a wonderful addition to the activities on Lake Sempach and showcase the diversity of the region. The Hotel Sempachersee is the ideal starting point for exploring these attractions and then relaxing in comfortable surroundings.

View of Lucerne from its Lake
View of Lucerne from its Lake

Culinary delights in the Lake Sempach region

The region around Lake Sempach is not only known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, but also for its excellent cuisine. The local cuisine offers a range of culinary experiences, from traditional Swiss dishes to modern, innovative creations.

Some highlights of the regional gastronomy are:

  1. Traditional Swiss cuisine: Visitors can enjoy classic Swiss dishes such as fondue, rösti and Zürcher Geschnetzeltes in the numerous restaurants around Lake Sempach. These dishes reflect the culinary tradition of the region and offer savory delights.
  2. Fresh local products: The region is known for its fresh, locally grown produce. Many restaurants attach great importance to using ingredients from the region, which gives the dishes a special, authentic taste.
  3. Wine and beer from the region: Central Switzerland also offers a selection of local wines and beers. Wine lovers can visit the region's wineries and take part in tastings, while beer fans can explore the local breweries.
  4. Innovative gastronomy concepts: In addition to traditional restaurants, there are also many establishments in the region that offer innovative and creative cuisine. These restaurants often combine local ingredients with modern cooking techniques to create unique taste experiences.


The restaurant at the Hotel Sempachersee complements this culinary offering with its high-quality food and excellent service. Guests can dine here in a stylish ambience and enjoy the culinary delights of the region.

Restaurant des Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee Sursee
Restaurant des Hotels Sempachersee

Health and wellness offers at Lake Sempach

The region around Lake Sempach not only offers activities for body and soul, but also numerous opportunities to relax and improve your own well-being. The health and wellness facilities in the area are diverse and range from traditional "fun" to modern fitness centers.

Some of the wellness highlights near Lake Sempach include:

  1. Spa and wellness centers: There are several high-quality spa and wellness centers in the region that offer a wide range of treatments. From relaxing massages and beauty treatments to therapeutic treatments - guests can completely switch off and let themselves be pampered here.
  2. Yoga and meditation: For those looking for a deeper form of relaxation, local studios offer yoga and meditation classes. These classes are a great way to reduce stress and strengthen the connection between body and mind.
  3. Fitness centers: For active recreation seekers, there are modern fitness centers with a variety of training equipment and courses near Lake Sempach. Whether strength training, cardio or group fitness - there is something for every fitness level.
  4. Nature experiences: Not forgetting the numerous opportunities to relax in the natural surroundings of Lake Sempach. Walks along the lakeshore, hikes in the surrounding forests or simply observing the idyllic landscape can be a wonderful form of relaxation.


The Hotel Sempachersee itself also offers various wellness and fitness facilities. Guests can work out in the hotel's own fitness room, relax in the sauna or enjoy the hotel pool in summer.


Family-friendly activities on Lake Sempach

Lake Sempach and its surroundings offer a wide range of activities that are perfect for families. From outdoor adventures to educational experiences - there is something for every age group to discover.

Here are some of the family-friendly highlights:

  1. Nature experiences: Lake Sempach is ideal for families who love nature. Whether it's a walk together along the lakeshore, birdwatching at the Sempach Ornithological Institute or a leisurely boat trip on the lake - the natural surroundings offer unforgettable experiences for young and old.
  2. Playgrounds and parks: There are several playgrounds and parks in the region that are perfect for a family day out. These places not only offer fun and entertainment for children, but also relaxation opportunities for parents.
  3. Mini golf and other sports activities: Lake Sempach also offers mini golf courses and other sports activities that are ideal for families. These offer a fun and active way to spend time together.
  4. Museums and cultural attractions: For days when the weather isn't good, there are also interesting museums and cultural attractions near Lake Sempach that are both educational and entertaining for children.


The Hotel Sempachersee takes the needs of families into account and offers child-friendly facilities and services to make the stay pleasant and relaxing for the whole family.


The importance of the Vitaparcours for the local community

The Vitaparcours on Lake Sempach is more than just a place for physical activity; it is a meeting place for the local community and a symbol of the region's commitment to health and well-being. This course, with its picturesque location and variety of exercise stations, has become an integral part of local life.

Some aspects that underline the importance of the Vitaparcours are:

  1. Health promotion: The Vitaparcours actively promotes the health and well-being of residents. With its free accessibility, it offers a low-threshold opportunity to exercise regularly and enjoy nature.
  2. Social meeting point: The course serves as a social meeting point where people of all ages and fitness levels can meet and exchange ideas. It strengthens the sense of community and promotes social interaction.
  3. Connection with nature: The Vitaparcours enables residents to establish a close connection with the surrounding nature. This proximity to nature contributes significantly to the quality of life in the region.
  4. Inspiration for visitors: The Vitaparcours is a source of inspiration for guests of the Hotel Sempachersee and other visitors to the region. It shows how active and close to nature life can be in Central Switzerland.


The local community values the Vitaparcours as a valuable asset and uses it for a variety of activities - from morning runs to social gatherings with friends and family.



Lake Sempach and its surroundings offer an impressive mix of natural beauty, active recreation, cultural experiences and culinary delights. Whether you want to get active on the Vitaparcours, explore the idyllic landscape on hiking trails, relax in nature or enjoy the local cuisine - the region offers something for everyone.

The highlights of the region include:

  • Vitaparcours at Lake Sempach: A perfect combination of fitness and nature.
  • Variety of hiking trails: Ideal for exploring the breathtaking landscape.
  • Natural beauties and bird observatory: A paradise for nature lovers.
  • Rich culture and history: to discover in Lucerne and the surrounding towns.
  • Culinary experiences: From traditional Swiss cuisine to modern creations.
  • Family-friendly activities: fun and relaxation for young and old.
  • Sense of community: The Vitaparcours as a social meeting place.


The Hotel Sempachersee, with its excellent location, comfortable accommodation and first-class facilities, is the ideal base from which to enjoy all these experiences. It offers the perfect setting to relax and recharge your batteries after a day of exploring.

We cordially invite you to visit Lake Sempach and its surroundings and experience the diversity of this wonderful region for yourself. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or an active adventure - Lake Sempach is a destination not to be missed.

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