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Restaurant Sempachersee

In the heart of Switzerland, directly on picturesque Lake Sempach, Hotel Sempachersee awaits its guests with a culinary offering that leaves nothing to be desired. From exquisite à la carte menus in the Restaurant Sempia to varied buffets in Vivace and relaxed evenings in the Bar LoungeLAGO - the hotel presents itself as a gastronomic oasis in a class of its own. The commitment to local and seasonal ingredients reflects the hotel's philosophy: the focus is on quality, freshness and the promotion of regional producers.

The hotel's culinary concept is geared towards offering guests not just food, but a holistic experience. Whether you are looking for a cozy weekend brunch, planning a business dinner or celebrating a special occasion, the Hotel Sempachersee knows how to perfectly combine culinary delights and atmosphere. The combination of first-class service, the idyllic lakeside location and the outstanding cuisine makes every visit an unforgettable experience.

In this article, we take you on a culinary journey through the Hotel Sempachersee. Discover the variety and special features of the various gastronomic offerings and find out why the hotel is one of the top addresses for gourmets and connoisseurs in the Lucerne region.


The heart of the gastronomy - our restaurants

The gastronomic offer of the Hotel Sempachersee forms the heart of every stay. With a selection of restaurants ranging from fine à la carte menus to innovative buffet concepts, the hotel sets new standards in culinary delights. In this section, we introduce you to the hotel's diverse gastronomic facilities, which not only impress with their exquisite cuisine, but also with their unique ambience.

Sempia à la carte Restaurant

The Sempia à la carte Restaurant at the Hotel Sempachersee stands for culinary excellence, characterized by a passion for special cuts and local fish specialties. The elegant ambience of the restaurant offers the ideal setting to be enchanted by the creative cuisine, which is deeply rooted in regional tradition, but at the same time sets modern accents.

At Sempia, great importance is attached to the origin and quality of the ingredients. The fish comes directly from Lake Sempach and the vegetables from local suppliers, giving each dish an incomparable freshness and authenticity. The menu varies seasonally in order to make the most of the local produce available and to offer guests new taste experiences time and time again.

A highlight of the restaurant are the special cuts, in which special cuts of meat are prepared in an innovative way. These specialties offer meat lovers unique taste experiences that are made possible by the careful selection and preparation of the chefs.

Sempia is not only a place for exceptional dinners, but also a popular meeting place for private parties looking for a discreet setting for their events. With its two private dining rooms, Sempia offers the perfect backdrop for intimate celebrations and special moments.

A visit to the Sempia à la carte restaurant thus promises a culinary experience that invigorates the senses and rekindles a love of regional cuisine.

Restaurant Sempia
Restaurant Sempia

Vivace – Buffet and Brunch

The Vivace Buffet-Restaurant at Hotel Sempachersee offers a unique free-flow experience that gives guests the freedom to compose their meals according to their personal taste. The open design of the restaurant invites you to move through the variety of dishes on offer and discover new flavors.

The Vivace offers a wide range of dishes, including freshly prepared daily menus ranging from vegetarian dishes to fish creations and hearty meat specialties. The ingredients are carefully selected to guarantee freshness and quality while celebrating culinary diversity.

A special highlight is the brunch, which takes place every second Sunday of the month. This event is known far beyond the borders of Lucerne and attracts guests who want to enjoy a rich and varied buffet in a cozy atmosphere. The brunch at Vivace offers not only classic breakfast elements, but also special creations that turn every visit into a culinary experience.

Vivace's free-flow concept allows guests to create their own culinary adventure by moving through the different stations and combining them as they wish. This dynamic and interactive dining experience, coupled with the quality and variety of the food, makes Vivace a must for anyone visiting Hotel Sempachersee.

Free-Flow-Restaurant Vivace
Free-Flow-Restaurant Vivace

Bar LoungeLAGO - More than just drinks

The Bar LoungeLAGO at the Hotel Sempachersee has established itself as the ideal meeting place for guests who want to enjoy relaxed evenings in a stylish atmosphere. This bar is characterized not only by its extensive range of drinks, but also by the special flair that invites you to linger and chat.

On soccer weekends in particular, LoungeLAGO transforms into a lively place where fans can get together in a convivial atmosphere. The bar offers the perfect setting for this: Modern furnishings, comfortable seating and large screens ensure that no goal is missed. Here you can experience the excitement of the game while chatting with other fans and enjoying the hotel's exclusive drink specialties.

The bar's selection ranges from classic cocktails and exquisite wines to local beer specialties and non-alcoholic alternatives. Each drink is prepared and served with the utmost care to meet the high quality standards of the guests. LoungeLAGO knows how to create a relaxed yet stimulating atmosphere that invites you to linger.

The LoungeLAGO bar proves that it is more than just a place for drinks. It is a social meeting place that combines comfort and coziness with enthusiasm for sport and shared experiences. A visit here offers the perfect opportunity to end the evening in pleasant company and with stylish enjoyment.

Bar LoungeLAGO
Bar LoungeLAGO

Special occasions at the Sempachersee Hotel

The Hotel Sempachersee is the perfect choice for hosting special occasions, thanks to its versatile rooms, professional event team and excellent catering service. Whether for a wedding, a business meeting or a family celebration, the hotel offers tailor-made solutions complemented by state-of-the-art technology, flexible room concepts and an idyllic location on Lake Sempach. In this section you will find out how your event at Hotel Sempachersee will be a unique and memorable experience.

Banquets and celebrations

With the Aurora banquet hall and the adjoining roof terrace, the Hotel Sempachersee offers an exclusive location for banquets and larger celebrations, presenting elegance and sophistication in perfect harmony. These rooms are ideal for gala dinners, company celebrations, birthdays and other special occasions where an elegant setting and a touch of luxury are required. The hall impresses with its spaciousness and elegant design, making every event an unforgettable experience.

The roof terrace offers an extendable area for outdoor events, where guests can enjoy the breathtaking view of Lake Sempach and the surrounding nature. This combination of indoor and outdoor areas allows the event space to be flexibly designed to meet a wide range of requirements and wishes.

To support your event, Hotel Sempachersee also offers a comprehensive banquet and wine menu, ranging from hot and cold dishes to special barbecue menus. For guests who value exclusivity and privacy, private dining is available, offering first-class cuisine in a more intimate setting. Whether in the impressive Aurora, the spacious Aula or one of the exclusive private dining rooms, Hotel Sempachersee ensures that your event will be memorable with first-class service, exquisite cuisine and an incomparable ambience.

With the professional support of the hotel's event team, every celebration becomes a smooth and impressive event where no detail is left to chance. From planning to execution, the team is on hand with help and advice to make your vision of the perfect event a reality.

Aurora banquet, Hotel Sempachersee
Aurora banquet, Hotel Sempachersee

Catering service for every event

Are you planning a celebration? Hotel Sempachersee's Catering-Service will transform your event into a culinary highlight. Our offer covers a wide range of occasions - from business events and garden parties to glamorous weddings and company celebrations. Our aim is not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

The hotel's event team will be happy to advise you and help you find the perfect catering concept for your event. Our cuisine is characterized by a rich selection of delicacies to suit every taste. Whether you are planning an elegant stand-up lunch, a casual garden party or an opulent dinner, our catering service offers the right culinary experience for every occasion.

We place great emphasis on quality and freshness, using seasonal and local produce to create flavorful and visually appealing dishes. From fine starters to exquisite main courses and tempting desserts, our catering service ensures that your guests will be delighted with every bite.

Let our event team advise you and discover the many possibilities offered by our catering service. We will work with you to plan tailor-made catering that will turn your celebration into an unforgettable event. Rely on our experience and creativity to transform your event into a culinary feast that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Highlight events

Hotel Sempachersee is proud to present a special series of events that emphasize culinary excellence. One particular example is the culinary evening on September 14th 2024 with renowned chef Ralf Zacherl, who invites guests on an unforgettable journey of taste. This event stands out thanks to the involvement of a renowned chef who is known for his creative and innovative dishes.

The evening begins with a reception where guests have the opportunity to meet Chef Zacherl in person. This will be followed by an exclusive menu created by Zacherl especially for the occasion. Each dish reflects his passion for high-quality ingredients and his art of preparation. The menu selection is a tribute to regional cuisine with a modern twist, with each creation stimulating the senses and becoming a culinary highlight.

In addition to the exquisite cuisine, the event places particular emphasis on a suitable wine pairing. Experts will guide you through the evening and present selected wines that perfectly complement each dish. This combination of first-class food and fine wines ensures an all-round enjoyable experience.

The culinary evening with Ralf Zacherl at the Hotel Sempachersee stands for quality, innovation and culinary delights. It is a unique opportunity to experience top-class cuisine in an exclusive setting and to learn directly from a master of his trade. This event underlines the hotel's commitment to offering its guests exceptional and unforgettable experiences.



In this article, we have taken an in-depth look at the exceptional gastronomic offering at Hotel Sempachersee. Starting with the inviting atmosphere of the various restaurants, which are inspired by local cuisine and set modern accents, through to the special events that round off the culinary experience. The Sempia à la carte restaurant was particularly highlighted for its special cuts and local fish specialties, the Vivace with its varied buffet and monthly brunch and the LoungeLAGO bar, which serves as a social meeting place.

The Hotel Sempachersee proves that it is more than just a place to spend the night. It is a destination that combines culinary excellence, creative cuisine and warm hospitality. Every restaurant and every service reflects the hotel's commitment to offering its guests only the best. With its unique location on Lake Sempach, it also provides the perfect backdrop for any occasion - from private celebrations to business events. The Hotel Sempachersee therefore not only stands for quality and innovation in the kitchen, but also for unforgettable experiences and moments that will stay with you.



What restaurants are there at the Sempachersee Hotel?

Several dining options await you at the Sempachersee Hotel, including the Sempia à la carte restaurant with local fish specialties and special cuts, the Vivace buffet restaurant for a variety of culinary experiences and the LoungeLAGO bar, which serves as a cosy meeting place.

Can I eat at the Sempia restaurant without a hotel booking?

Yes, the Sempia restaurant in the Sempachersee Hotel also welcomes external guests. Reservations are recommended to ensure that you get a table.

Does the restaurant at Sempachersee Hotel offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, the restaurants at Sempachersee Hotel offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Please inform the staff about your dietary preferences.

Are there special culinary events at the Sempachersee Hotel?

The Sempachersee Hotel regularly organizes special culinary events, such as evenings with well-known chefs or themed brunches. Information on current events can be found on the hotel website.

Can I host a private party in the restaurant at the Sempachersee Hotel?

Yes, the Sempachersee Hotel offers flexible options for private parties and events. The rooms can be adapted to your number of guests and the experienced event team will help you with the planning.

How can I reserve a table in the restaurant at the Sempachersee Hotel?

Table reservations for the restaurant at the Sempachersee Hotel can be made by telephone or via the hotel website.

Is there a dress code in the restaurants at the Sempachersee Hotel?

The restaurants at the Sempachersee Hotel prefer a smart-casual dress code. The focus is on well-being and enjoyment.

Are the restaurants at the Sempachersee Hotel accessible for people with limited mobility?

Yes, the restaurants at the Sempachersee Hotel are barrier-free and therefore easily accessible for people with limited mobility.

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