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FC Luzern, founded in 1901, is more than just a football club; it is a centerpiece of the Swiss football landscape and a central part of local culture and identity. With a rich history marked by highs and lows, FC Luzern has secured a firm place in the hearts of its supporters. It plays its home games at the Swissporarena, a modern stadium known for its lively atmosphere and passionate fan support.

FC Luzern symbolizes not only sporting ambition, but also a deep connection with the city of Lucerne and its inhabitants. FC Luzern matches are more than just football matches; they are meeting places for families, friends and fans who support their team and at the same time experience a deep connection with the community.

This article aims to provide fans and visitors with a comprehensive guide to the perfect match weekend. It's not just about the sporting event itself, but also about planning the best possible stay - from accommodation at the Hotel Sempachersee, which boasts an excellent location and outstanding services, to culinary recommendations to round off the fan experience and tips on how to get the most out of the weekend. We want to show you how you can combine the football experience with comfort, enjoyment and excitement.

Our aim is not only to introduce you to the excitement and passion of an FC Luzern match, but also how to make your stay in Luzern an unforgettable experience. Whether you're a long-time fan or attending a match for the first time, this guide will help you plan your weekend around an FC Luzern match.


FC Luzern - Introduction

Deeply rooted in the heart of Switzerland, FC Luzern is an emblem of Swiss football that reaches far beyond the borders of the picturesque city of Lucerne. Since its foundation in 1901, the club has played a central role in the development of football in the region, characterized by passionate moments on and off the pitch. The club's blue and white colors are not only a symbol of fighting spirit and dedication on the pitch, but also in the hearts of the fans who faithfully stand by their team every season.

History and successes of FC Luzern

The history of FC Luzern is a fascinating journey through time, starting with the club's foundation in 1901. Over the decades, FC Luzern has experienced the highs and lows of football, but has always maintained a loyal fan base and celebrated important successes.

One of the most significant milestones in the club's history was winning the Swiss Cup in 1960, FC Luzern's first major title. This success marked the beginning of an era in which the club established itself in the Swiss football landscape. Further highlights were the championship wins, which brought the club to the forefront of national and international attention.

Winning the Swiss championship in the 1988/89 season is particularly noteworthy, a triumph that holds a special place in the club's history. This era was characterized by outstanding players who made history on the pitch and turned FC Luzern into one of the leading clubs in Switzerland.

In addition to its sporting successes, it is above all the culture and community surrounding the club that sets FC Luzern apart. The passionate fans, the so-called "lights", stand behind their team, in good times and bad, and create a unique atmosphere in the Swissporarena, which is considered one of the liveliest arenas in Switzerland.

The history of FC Luzern is rich in emotions, successes and unforgettable moments that make the club an indispensable part of Swiss football culture.

Swissporarena - the home of FC Luzern

In the heart of Lucerne, surrounded by picturesque countryside, stands the Swissporarena, a modern football arena that serves as the home ground of FC Lucerne. Since its opening, the arena has not only served as a venue for thrilling football matches, but has also become a lively meeting place for fans and families. With a capacity of around 17,800 spectators, it offers enough space for large crowds to come together to cheer on their team.

The atmosphere in the Swissporarena is electrifying at FC Luzern matches. The fans, known for their passion and loyalty, fill the stands with chants, drums and flags, creating an unparalleled experience. This unique atmosphere helps the players excel on the pitch and create unforgettable moments of football.

For FC Luzern, the Swissporarena is more than just a venue; it is a symbol of the club's identity and an important factor in its sporting success. The modern infrastructure and first-class facilities enable the club to remain competitive in both national and international football. In addition, the arena serves as a central place for the community, where fans and players interact and celebrate the love of football together.

The significance of the Swissporarena for the club and its supporters can hardly be put into words. It is a place where dreams are realized, victories are celebrated and the bond between the fans and their team is strengthened. Every game in the Swissporarena is proof of the deep connection between FC Luzern and its loyal fan base, which stands steadfastly by its side every season, at every game.

Swissporarena from outside
Swissporarena from outside

A weekend around an FC Luzern match

Experiencing an FC Luzern match weekend promises excitement, community and pure football culture. The right planning makes the experience unforgettable.

Planning the perfect match weekend

A perfect match weekend starts long before kick-off. Tickets for an FC Luzern match are in high demand, so it is advisable to secure them early. The official ticket store of FC Luzern offers an easy way to book seats from home.

The travel to the game should be well thought out. Lucerne is easily accessible, both by car and by public transport. For a stress-free experience, it is advisable to arrive early to explore the picturesque city and enjoy the special anticipation of the game.

Accommodation plays a crucial role in the overall weekend experience. The Hotel Sempachersee, located in the immediate vicinity of the Swissporarena, not only offers comfortable overnight accommodation, but also an ideal base for getting to the stadium quickly and easily on match day. With a selection of rooms tailored to the needs of football fans, as well as additional amenities such as restaurants and relaxation areas, the hotel ensures an all-round successful weekend.

The proximity of the Hotel Sempachersee to the Swissporarena is an invaluable advantage. Not only the short distances on match day itself, but also the opportunity to revel in the atmosphere of the upcoming game makes the stay special. Fans can meet up in the hotel bars to get in the mood for the game or review the emotions and highlights together after the match.

Planning a match weekend at FC Lucerne offers the perfect mix of football, culture and relaxation. With the right preparation, every game becomes an unforgettable experience that goes far beyond the 90 minutes on the pitch.

Hotel Sempachersee - view from outside
Hotel Sempachersee from outside

Overnight accommodation for FC Luzern fans

For FC Luzern fans who want to spend a match weekend in Lucerne, the Hotel Sempachersee is the ideal place to stay. The hotel is characterized by its proximity to the Swissporarena, which makes it the perfect location for fans who want to experience the excitement of a football match without having to travel long distances.

The Hotel Sempachersee knows how to cater to the needs of football fans. With special offers and packages tailored to the match dates, fans can not only stay overnight in comfort, but also benefit from additional services such as a shuttle service to and from the stadium. These tailor-made packages make the match weekend both comfortable and eventful.

The rooms at Hotel Sempachersee are modern and comfortably furnished to guarantee guests a restful night's sleep. In addition, the hotel offers a range of leisure activities, ideal for the time before or after the game. Whether relaxing in the wellness area, a culinary experience in one of the hotel's restaurants or a cozy end to the evening in the bar - the Hotel Sempachersee ensures an all-round successful weekend.

Another advantage of staying at the Hotel Sempachersee is the opportunity to meet like-minded people. Football is more than just a game; it's a community, and the hotel offers the ideal setting to get in touch with other fans, enjoy the anticipation together or discuss match analysis.

Choosing the Hotel Sempachersee experience for an FC Lucerne match weekend is not just about choosing accommodation. It means opting for a comprehensive football experience that perfectly combines comfort, excitement and a sense of community.

Junior Suite
Junior Suite

Gastronomy and fan experience at Hotel Sempachersee

The Hotel Sempachersee offers an exceptional gastronomic experience for FC Lucerne fans spending a match weekend in Lucerne. With its in-house restaurants - Vivace, Sempia à la carte Restaurant and the Lago Bar - the hotel sets new standards in the combination of culinary enjoyment and football enthusiasm.

Vivace offers a lively atmosphere for a carefree dining experience, ideal for getting in the mood for the games or celebrating afterwards. The Sempia à la carte restaurant takes the culinary experience to a new level with exquisite dishes prepared from high-quality local ingredients. For fans looking for a place to discuss the latest match action in a relaxed setting, the LoungeLAGO bar provides the perfect backdrop.

During match weekends, the hotel is transformed into a vibrant meeting place offering special events and activities for football fans. From sociable public viewings to special fan events - Hotel Sempachersee ensures that the fan experience continues away from the stadium. These events offer the ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people, share your passion for FC Lucerne and experience unforgettable moments.

The hotel's culinary offerings and the events specially designed for fans make the Hotel Sempachersee an indispensable part of a perfect football weekend. It is the combination of outstanding gastronomy, first-class hospitality and a love of football that makes a stay here special for every FC Luzern fan.

Restaurant Sempia
Restaurant Sempia

The FC Luzern fan culture

FC Luzern's fan culture is at the heart of the club, characterized by passion, loyalty and a deep connection to the team.

Importance of the fans for the club

The fans of FC Luzern are the heart and soul of the club, an indispensable source of energy and motivation for the team. Their passionate support at every match, especially in the Swissporarena, creates an electrifying atmosphere that gives the players extra strength on the pitch. This exceptional fan culture is characterized by deep loyalty and dedication that remains constant even in difficult times.

FC Luzern supporters make a significant contribution to the club's tradition and identity by passing on their love of the club to new generations and getting involved in social and charitable causes. They are not only present at matches, but are also actively involved in shaping a positive and inclusive sense of community. This vibrant fan culture promotes the growth of the fan base and strengthens the bond between the club and its supporters.

Through regular interaction and exchange with the club, the fans feel like an integral part of FC Luzern. Their voice is heard and their contributions valued, which further strengthens the shared vision for the club's future. The fans of FC Luzern are therefore more than just supporters; they are a supporting pillar that shapes and drives the club in both sporting and cultural terms.

This deep bond between fans and the club underlines the essential role of supporters for FC Luzern. They are not only there when the club is successful, but also support the club in challenging times, making FC Luzern's fan culture one of the most vibrant and committed in the Swiss football landscape.

Become part of the FC Luzern community

New FC Luzern fans will find a wide range of opportunities to become part of the lively fan community, including membership of fan clubs and participation in fan events.

The Vereinigte FCL-Fan-Clubs (VFFC) represent an umbrella organization that unites various fan clubs under one banner, including Solothurn, Pilatusblick, Allmend, Entlebuch and Löwenherz. Since 1986, the VFFC has provided a platform for exchange and networking between fans and organizes regular meetings as well as special fan trips to away games. Members benefit from discounted tickets, discounts on fan merchandise and participation in exclusive fan events.

Another important association is the Unabhängige Szene Luzern (USL), which sees itself as an independent group of active FC Luzern fans. The USL is committed to the interests of all fans, promotes a colourful and lively fan culture and organizes support at home and away matches. It is committed to the acceptance of cheering in the stadium and offers advice on legal issues. The USL also organizes extra trains and bus trips to away games and strengthens cohesion among the fans with its own fan merchandise and various events.

Memberships in these groups enable new supporters to actively participate in fan life, support the team and help shape FC Luzern's fan culture. In addition, membership promotes community values such as peacefulness, respect and the shared experience of a football match.

For those who want to become part of this vibrant community, the VFFC and USL are ideal places to get involved, network with like-minded people and share a passion for FC Luzern.



In this article, we've created a comprehensive guide to an unforgettable FC Lucerne match weekend that not only includes attending a rousing football match, but also highlights a stay at the renowned Hotel Sempachersee with its excellent accommodation and dining options. From the lively fan culture of FC Lucerne to the inviting atmosphere of the Swissporarena and the advantages of the Hotel Sempachersee, this guide offers everything you need for perfect planning.

The fans of FC Luzern, known for their passion and loyalty, are the backbone of the club and contribute significantly to the unique stadium atmosphere. The Vereinigte FCL-Fan-Clubs (VFFC) and the Unabhängige Szene Luzern (USL) offer platforms for fans to get involved, promote shared values and support the team at both home and away matches. Members enjoy numerous benefits, including discounted tickets and exclusive fan events.

Experience the unique atmosphere of an FC Luzern match and enjoy the outstanding service and comfort of the Hotel Sempachersee. Book your next football weekend to become part of this vibrant fan community and support FC Luzern on and off the pitch. A visit that combines both enthusiasm for football and the joy of first-class hospitality.



How can I buy tickets for FC Luzern matches?

Tickets can be purchased via the official FC Luzern website, at the stadium box office and at authorized advance booking offices. Online bookings are often the easiest and quickest way to secure your seats.

What are the best seats in the stadium?

The best seats depend on your personal preferences. For a breathtaking atmosphere, seats close to the fan curve are recommended, while seats in the main stand offer a more comfortable view of the game.

How can I become a member of an FC Luzern fan club?

Visit the websites of the Vereinigte FCL-Fan-Clubs (VFFC) or the Unabhängige Szene Luzern (USL) to find out more about memberships and the associated benefits. Contact details and further information can be found directly on their websites.

What offers are there for fans at Hotel Sempachersee?

Hotel Sempachersee offers special packages for football fans, including accommodation, catering and sometimes shuttle services to the stadium. Check their official website for current offers and packages.

Are there special events for fans before or after the game?

Yes, FC Luzern and the fan clubs regularly organize events, including meetings, fan marches to the stadium and public viewings. Information on special events can be found on the websites of FC Luzern and the fan clubs.

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