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"Badis" in Lucerne: refreshing summer days in the best outdoor pools/swimming locations

Badis Luzern

Lucerne, the picturesque city on Lake Lucerne, is known far beyond Switzerland's borders for its breathtaking scenery, historic buildings and cultural events. But when the summer sun bathes the city in a warm glow, it is the Badis - the public outdoor swimming pools - that attract locals and tourists alike. From idyllic lakeshores to modern outdoor pools, Lucerne offers a refreshing variety that promises perfect cooling off and recreational fun.

For guests of the Hotel Sempachersee there is a special opportunity to combine bathing fun with a luxurious stay. The hotel, known for its excellent service and first-class facilities, is located in the immediate vicinity of some of the best swimming pools in the region. This article not only introduces you to Lucerne's most attractive outdoor pools, but also shows you how you can combine your stay at the Hotel Sempachersee with summer swimming excursions.

The combination of the city experience of Lucerne and relaxation by the water is a unique opportunity to experience the diversity of Swiss summer culture. Immerse yourself in the world of Lucerne's Badis and discover how a stay at the Hotel Sempachersee will make your summer vacation unforgettable.


The most popular Badis in Lucerne

Lucerne and the surrounding area offer a variety of swimming pools that become a magnet for water lovers and sun worshippers every summer. Let's start our voyage of discovery with the most popular pools, which impress with their unique offers and picturesque backdrops.

Strandbad Lido Luzern

The Lido beach is characterized by its fine sandy beach, which borders directly on Lake Lucerne. Here you can not only bathe in the cool waters of the lake, but also enjoy the heated 25-meter swimming pool. For sports enthusiasts, there are beach volleyball courts and children can let off steam in the large adventure playground. The lido also has a restaurant with a lakeside terrace serving a wide range of refreshments and food. Admission for adults is 7 francs, for children 4 francs.

Seebad Luzern

The Seebad Luzern, located in Lucerne's lake basin, is not only a place to swim, but also a place to see and be seen. This historic wooden box pool offers two non-swimmer pools and a bistro serving homemade food and refreshing cocktails. Visitors also have access to the open lake, which makes the bathing fun incomparable. Admission for adults is 6 francs, for children 4 francs.

Ufschötti Luzern

The Ufschötti is a spacious meadow directly on Lake Lucerne, which is accessible free of charge and is particularly popular with young people. It not only offers an excellent opportunity for swimming in the lake, but also plenty of space for sunbathing and picnics. The Ufschötti is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day by the water without having to pay admission.

These lidos offer something for everyone - whether you are looking for the lively atmosphere and cultural flair of the Seebad Luzern, family fun at the Strandbad Lido or the relaxed atmosphere of the Ufschötti. Visitors to the Hotel Sempachersee can take advantage of this variety of bathing experiences to enrich their summer vacation in Lucerne. The hotel's proximity to these pools makes it the ideal starting point for refreshing summer days.

Seebad Luzern
Seebad Luzern

Insider tips for swimming trips in the region

In addition to Lucerne's well-known swimming pools, there are also some insider tips that are well worth a visit. These often offer a quieter atmosphere and are ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and relaxing in nature.

Rotsee Badi, Ebikon

A real insider tip is the Rotsee Badi in Ebikon. Known for its quiet location and slightly warmer water, the Rotsee offers an idyllic alternative to the city's livelier bathing areas. The Rotsee Badi is particularly popular with those who want to relax away from the crowds. With its picturesque surroundings and memories of romantic summer days, this place is perfect for anyone who appreciates nature and is looking to cool off at the same time.

Badi Nottwil

Badi Nottwil is another insider tip for refreshing summer days in Lucerne. It is characterized by its inviting atmosphere, clean facilities and picturesque lakeside location. Visitors can swim, sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature in peaceful surroundings. With fewer crowds than in urban baths, Badi Nottwil offers a relaxed alternative for anyone looking for peace and quiet and to spend the summer by the water.

Badeplatz Krämerstein, Horw

The Badeplatz Krämerstein in Horw, directly below the majestic Villa Krämerstein, offers free access to Lake Lucerne. The location in a magnificent park and direct access to the lake via a few steps make this place a special experience. There are toilets on site, and the nearby Seehotel Kastanienbaum can be visited for refreshments. This bathing spot is ideal for those who want to relax in the midst of natural beauty without having to forego the amenities of a bathing area.

Waldschwimmbad Zimmeregg, Littau

Somewhat hidden in the Zimmeregg forest in Littau is the Zimmeregg forest swimming pool. With a 50-metre swimming pool, a learning and play pool, a water slide and a diving tower, this pool offers swimming fun for the whole family. There is a children's paddling pool and a shady playground for the youngest guests. The adjoining restaurant offers a wide selection of food and drinks to keep visitors satisfied. This place is perfect for families who want to spend an eventful day in nature.

These lesser-known lidos and bathing spots offer a wonderful addition to the popular bathing resorts in Lucerne. They invite you to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the Swiss countryside while enjoying a refreshing dip. For guests of the Hotel Sempachersee, they are an ideal way to discover the summer delights of Lucerne while enjoying the benefits of a luxurious hotel stay.


Combination of luxury stay and bathing fun

The unique location of the Hotel Sempachersee provides the ideal base for guests wishing to discover the summer delights of Lucerne. With its modern facilities, surrounded by breathtaking nature, the hotel seamlessly combines relaxation by the water with luxurious comfort.

Exclusive offers for bathing enthusiasts

The Hotel Sempachersee knows how to offer its guests tailor-made experiences. Think of special arrangements that combine a visit to Lucerne's lidos with exclusive hotel amenities, such as prepared picnic baskets for a day at the lake, relaxing massages after an active day of swimming or shuttle services to the most popular swimming spots. These thoughtful details guarantee an unforgettable summer experience.

Restaurants and recreation

After a day of sun and fun, the hotel offers culinary delights. The hotel's restaurants offer a variety of culinary delights, from light summer dishes to international specialties, perfectly tailored to the needs of guests seeking relaxation. The hotel's terrace, overlooking the picturesque landscape, provides the ideal setting to reflect on the day's experiences.

Seamless connection between nature and luxury

The Hotel Sempachersee offers an exclusive combination of access to the natural beauty of Lucerne and luxurious comfort. In addition to high-quality accommodation, it allows guests to explore the summer diversity of Switzerland through swimming excursions, culinary discoveries or relaxation in an exquisite setting. With its location, the hotel is a perfect starting point for excursions in the surrounding area, including the Nottwil Badi on Lake Sempach, which is only an 8-minute walk away. It promises a unique experience that combines luxury with the experience of nature, ideal for those who want to enjoy summer in Lucerne to the full without sacrificing first-class comfort.

Hotel Sempachersee - view from outside
Hotel Sempachersee from outside

Culinary delights at the Badis

The lidos in Lucerne not only offer cooling off and relaxation, but also a variety of culinary delights that perfectly complement the bathing fun. From a quick snack to an extensive meal - the gastronomic offerings at Lucerne's bathing establishments invite you to round off your day by the water with culinary delights.

Variety of Badi gastronomy

Many of Lucerne's Badis have kiosks and restaurants offering a wide range of food and drink. From traditional Swiss dishes to international cuisine - there is something for every taste. Light summer dishes such as salads and sandwiches are particularly popular, as are barbecue specialties and ice cream to cool you down.

Strandbad Lido Luzern

The restaurant at Strandbad Lido offers a fantastic selection of dishes and refreshments that can be enjoyed on the lakeside terrace. The view of Lake Lucerne makes every meal a special experience. Here, guests can not only enjoy the sun and the water, but also indulge in culinary delights.

Caribbean Village

The Caribbean Village is one of the culinary highlights at Lucerne's lidos. Located next to the Nottwil bathing area and Nottwil railroad station, it offers a Caribbean ambience directly on Lake Sempach. It has a beach bar, known for its cool caipirinhas and Cuba Libres, and offers various locations for private events. Guests can hire stand-up paddle boards or take windsurfing taster courses to actively experience Lake Sempach. The offer is aimed at anyone who wants to enjoy the Caribbean flair without having to travel far away.

Seebad Luzern

The bistro at Seebad Luzern impresses with its home-made food and refreshing cocktails. It is the ideal place to socialize after a dip in the lake or the non-swimmer pools and enjoy the special atmosphere of the lakeside resort.

Picknick at the lake

For those who prefer to bring their own food, many bathing areas and shorelines along Lake Lucerne offer perfect spots for a picnic. The combination of the fresh lake air and a home-cooked meal in the open air is a wonderful addition to the bathing experience.

The culinary offerings at Lucerne's lidos contribute significantly to the appeal of these summer destinations. They offer the opportunity to combine a day by the water with moments of pleasure that are good for both body and soul. Whether in the Badi restaurants or at your own picnic by the lake - Lucerne's culinary diversity adds a pleasurable component to the bathing fun.


Activities around the Badis

In addition to bathing fun, Lucerne's Badis and the surrounding area offer a wide range of activities that make a summer's day varied and unforgettable. From sporting activities to relaxing moments in the countryside and cultural experiences - Lucerne has something for everyone.

Water sports and leisure activities

In many lidos, such as the Lido lido, visitors can not only swim, but also enjoy various water sports. These include stand-up paddling (SUP), canoeing and water skiing. For those who prefer it dry, there are often volleyball courts, table tennis tables and playgrounds available. These activities offer fun for the whole family and provide sporting variety.

Relaxation and enjoyment of nature

The shores of Lake Lucerne and the green areas of the Badis invite you to linger and relax. Many visitors take the opportunity to sunbathe, read a good book or simply enjoy the picturesque view. The natural beauty of the surroundings helps you to leave everyday life behind and relax completely.

Cultural offers

Lucerne also offers a wide range of cultural activities away from the swimming pools. From concerts at the KKL Lucerne to historical sights such as Lucerne Town Hall and museum visits, there are numerous ways to experience culture. Many of these attractions are within easy reach of the Badis and make a great addition to a trip to the beach.

The Badis in Lucerne are more than just places to swim; they are starting points for a variety of activities that make summer in the city so special. Whether through sporting activities, relaxing in nature or immersing yourself in the city's culture - a day in Lucerne's Badis can be spent in a variety of ways. Guests at Hotel Sempachersee can draw on this wealth of possibilities and enrich their stay according to their own ideas.


Tips for the perfect visit to the Badi

A visit to Lucerne's Badis promises relaxation, fun and recreation. To ensure that your trip to the outdoor pools is a complete success, here are some valuable tips to make your day in the water even more enjoyable.

Best time to visit

To avoid the crowds and get a quiet spot by the water, it is advisable to visit the Badis either in the morning or late afternoon. Lunchtime is often the busiest, especially at weekends and on public holidays.

What to bring

A perfect day at the pool requires good preparation:

  • Sun protection: Sun cream with a high protection factor, hat and sunglasses protect against UV rays.
  • Bath towels and clothing: A large towel or beach mat and swimwear are essential.
  • Catering: Water, snacks or a picnic provide the necessary energy. Many Badis allow you to bring your own food and drinks.
  • Entertainment: Books, magazines or games can make your stay even more enjoyable.


Safety in the water

  • Non-swimmer areas and buoyancy aids: It is important for children and non-swimmers to use the designated areas and wear buoyancy aids if necessary.
  • Supervision: Always keep an eye out for your companions, especially if there are children with you.


Respectful cooperation

  • Consideration: Even if many people want to share the fun of swimming, respectful interaction is crucial. Keep the noise level low and give other guests enough space.
  • Cleanliness: Leave your pitch as clean as you found it. Garbage belongs in the bins provided.


With these tips, you'll be well prepared to enjoy Lucerne's swimming pools to the full. The combination of beautiful surroundings, a wide range of leisure activities and the excellent base offered by the Hotel Sempachersee will make your summer excursion an unforgettable experience. Lucerne is waiting to be discovered by you - enjoy every moment.



Lucerne, a city known for its picturesque landscape, historic architecture and cultural diversity, turns into a paradise for water lovers and sun worshippers in summer. The "Badis" in and around Lucerne offer both locals and visitors unforgettable days of refreshment. From family-friendly lidos with spacious sunbathing areas and playgrounds to idyllic, quiet bays that invite you to linger and enjoy, Lucerne has something for everyone. The Strandbad Lido, the Seebad Luzern and the Ufschötti are among the most popular lidos, offering a wide range of water sports and culinary delights. For those looking for something special, the Rotsee Badi offers a quieter alternative away from the crowds.

The Hotel Sempachersee is the ideal starting point for discovering these summer delights. With its proximity to Lucerne and the surrounding Badis, it combines luxurious comfort with the ease of a summer vacation by the water. Guests can enjoy not only the hotel's high-quality amenities, but also its proximity to the region's best Badis, which offer a welcome cool-down on hot days. The hotel thus promotes a unique connection between the urban experience of Lucerne and relaxing days by the lake.

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